North Korea Steals Crypto to Fund Nuclear Program: US Worried

• North Korea is using digital funds to grow its nuclear arms program, and it has stolen well over a billion dollars in crypto.
• The US, South Korea, and Japan have released a joint statement expressing concern about North Korean’s activities.
• Kim Gunn of South Korea warns that North Korea’s use of nuclear weapons can only lead to war and conflict.

North Korea Steals Crypto for Nuclear Program

The United States, South Korea, and Japan have all issued a joint statement saying that they’re worried about North Korea and its regular willingness to pursue digital currencies to build its ongoing nuclear program. It is believed that North Korea has stolen crypto from sources in America, Europe, and other regions of Asia. The joint statement reads as follows: We reiterate with concern that overseas DPRK IT workers continue using forged identities and nationalities. We are also deeply concerned about how the DPRK supports these programs by stealing and laundering funds as well as gathering information through malicious cyber activities.

Kim Gun Warns of War

According to Kim Gunn – the chief nuclear negotiator of South Korea – the nation of North Korea is consistently utilizing propaganda that is convincing the people living within its borders that nuclear power is a necessity the nation cannot do without. He mentioned: “North Korea is misguiding its people to believe that nuclear weapons are a magic wand that can solve all of its problems.“ Not long ago, the U.S. and South Korea engaged in a joint military exercise that caused Kim Jong Un to retaliate by ordering a boost to his nation’s military and nuclear activities.

Nukes Can Hit Any Spot in US

The North Korean dictator says that both countries engaged in an act of war against his country and that he’s not one to stand around waiting for two superpowers to engage in some sort of retaliatory action against his armies. He also unveiled new nuclear warheads that he claims can hit any spot in the U.S..

Cryptocurrency Hacking Networks

Several analysts say that North Korea has played host to a wide array of crypto hacking networks, Lazarus being a big one. Their mission is to steal digital currencies from neighboring regions so they can grow the nation’s nuclear arms program. The country has stolen well over a billion dollars in digital funds and has washed the money clean through mixers and similar services so that it cannot be traced.


In conclusion, despite warnings from leaders such as Kim Gun, North Korean continues to steal cryptocurrencies as part of their goal towards becoming more powerful militarily on an international stage . With their ability hack into different financial systems, they have been able wash away their ill-gotten gains which makes it very hard for anyone or any entity trace them back .