Crypto Traders Reap Rewards as MINA Protocol Surges 110%


– Saturday’s cryptocurrency markets saw a few coins performing well to produce two-digit returns in one day.
– One of these, Mina Protocol (MINA), has demonstrated incredibly bullish momentum with a pump above 30%.
– Bitcoin’s price continues to surge beyond $22,500 and is dragging altcoins up with it as well.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – February 11

Cryptocurrency markets on Saturday were negative while bitcoin fought to regain and hold the $23,000 barrier. However, there were some coins that managed to do well under such market conditions and produced two-digit returns in only one day. This article examines these cryptocurrencies in more detail and highlights a few favourites with potential to become very popular soon.

Mina Protocol (MINA)

MINA has seen an impressive pump above 30% over the past week due to its strong bullish momentum. Traders are aiming for a $1 level of price and have tried to break through the resistance at $0.94 earlier today. Altcoins are also being dragged up by Bitcoin’s positive performance and price beyond $22,500 as it continues to surge. MINA is presently trading at $0.821 after reaching a record high of about $0.94 earlier today – having increased by 110 percent in five trading weeks from the viewpoint of technical analysis emerging from a tilted double bottom pattern which is a bullish trend pattern when price breaks through this specific support level, we may see negative continuation of the price trendline support at the head of descending channel which is $0.65 .

FOMO Trading

In bear markets resistances are frequently technical objectives that come under intense selling pressure so FOMO (fear of missing out) trading should be avoided when pursuing green candles interactions so instead traders focus on selecting oversold situations on relative performance index and exploiting severe terror events or other similar opportunities like breakout trades or dip buying strategies if they expect that altcoins continue their growth trend following Bitcoin’s success story .


The bulls have seen a strong comeback in the first week of 2023 due to Bitcoin’s favourable performance which is dragging altcoins up along with it as well despite its volatility over the past four weeks resulting in positive movement for many coins producing reliable two-digit returns for investors who play their cards right.. As always, traders should exercise caution when investing – however MINA Protocol appears particularly promising with further upside potential likely if prices continue trending upwards as expected from current levels..